Cannabidiol is obtainable depending on the requirement about different companies:

As a pure substance or of plant origin in the form of a plant extract containing cannabidiol, e.g. for use in cosmetics,  about the company Phytoneering Extract Solutions (PES).


As a pure substance of synthetic origin (GMP status) for medical application areas about the company
THC Pharm GmbH.

Phytoneering Extract Solutions (PES)

Cannabidiol in excellent quality and purity – by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of herbal medicines.

We create awareness of the importance and health-promoting effects of plant-based products, making today‘s life and medicine a more herbal one every day.

In order to achieve this, we decode the great potential of the active agents in plants, by applying cutting-edge research and innovative technologies to the manufacture of high-quality plant-based health-promoting medicines and additives. This is what we call phytoneering.

In this way we are setting standards, both internally and externally. And on this basis, we strive to become the global leader in the growing field of natural substances and phytomedicine that is based on scientific research.

Our corporate culture is based on our spirit of research striving for constant development and improvement. As a „Phytoneering Company” we open up new opportunities and possibilities regarding the use of health-promoting plants (phytos) by using cutting-edge research and innovative technologies (engineering).

At the same time Phytoneering represents the development and production of modern herbal medicines and health-promoting ingredients in new dimensions of quality and efficacy. Our methods combine empirical medicine with high-tech research. We use existing knowledge and acquired know how and we develop these principles with latest scientific methods to the point that it can be put into use. At that we strive to understand the agents that nature offers us better and better.

The Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH (PES) supplies cannabidiol from fiber hemp in the highest quality as standardized extract or pure crystalline substance in package sizes from a few grams to several tons for industrial processing.

Specification of crystalline cannabidiol by PES

The Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH offers cannabidiol of different, customer-defined degrees of purity:

Crystalline pure substance

    • Amount of other cannabinoids: total ≤ 1.0 %; THC below detection limit;
    • residual solvent ethanol ≤ 1000 ppm
    • colorless, fat-soluble, tasteless powder (melting point 67 °C)
    • Lipophilic, well soluble in oils, fats, ethanol
    • easily storable for 24 months at room temperature (15-25 °C) protected from light and oxygen

Standardized extracts

We standardize cannabidiol extracts according to your specifications. Contact us.


THC Pharm GmbH

THC Pharm GmbH – The health concept considers itself to be a specialist in the development of pharmaceutical therapeutic options (e.g. cannabinoids) for the treatment of grave diseases and has been pioneering a number of innovative compounds for close to twenty years.

THC Pharm GmbH was founded 1996 as a patient-initiative to help provide all patients, who have
had positive therapeutic experience with illegally consumed Marihuana or Hemp, with a legal alternative which is qualitatively better, open to various modes of application  and easier to titrate for optimum dosage.

After the introduction of Dronabinol 1998, Cannabidiol was the next product being developed and has been supplied for a number of studies in Germany, the US, Brazil and other countries. Maintaining our position as the qualitative market leader we also offer reference material and standardized extracts to research facilities, industry and regulatory agencies.

Our focus on the areas of psychological disorders, pain therapy and neuronal diseases enables us to offer well-founded counseling and custom made products. The central part of our thinking is the development of urgently needed therapeutical agents, alongside the commitment to a worth while society inharmony with nature.

THC Pharm supplies GMP grade synthetic cannabidiol in the highest quality as standardized extract or pure crystalline substance in package sizes from a few grams to several tons for industrial demands and holds a number of process patents.