Production process

Cannabidiol by Bionorica – Expertise, diligence and highest standards ensure excellent quality

From seed to crystalline Cannabidiol: We leave no detail to chance.

Harvesting plant material under permanent control

  1. Only certified seeds of approved low-THC fibre hemp of the EU variety list are used for the cultivation of hemp for the extraction of Cannabidiol.
  2. The hemp is cultivated by contract farmers who undertake to comply with the regulations of the Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice (GACP) and our high internal quality standards, which we also require for the cultivation of our medicinal plants.
  3. Farmers must hold a special permit for the cultivation of hemp, issued by the authorities.
  4. The hemp originates exclusively from pesticide-free German and European farming, respectively.
  5. Harvesting takes place at the time of the hemp plants’ highest quality shortly before flowering, observing hygienic standards which are comparable to our high requirements for medicinal plants.
  6. At the time of harvest a variety verification is conducted by the authority to ensure that the cultivated variety of hemp corresponds to the one registered at the authority.
  7. Only the high-quality upper third of the plants with the inflorescences and young leaves is used for producing Cannabidiol. The stems, which are inferior with regard to their contents, can be used for the production of hemp fibres.
  8. The leaves and inflorescences are dried and transported carefully to preserve the valuable ingredients as completely as possible.
  9. A comprehensive quality control of the harvest is carried out upon arrival at Bionorica in Neumarkt: The content of Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids as well as other plant substances is analysed and thoroughly documented. In addition to that, each batch is tested for conceivable germ or contaminant loads and is only accepted if it meets our strict requirements.
  10. The dried harvest is stored in purpose-designed, modern warehouses in compliance with the storage of medicinal plants according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored.

Preparation of the extract or pure substance

All purification processes of the CBD extract and pure cannabidiol at Bionorica ethics meet the strict requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Extraction of the valuable plant substances

Primary extract; contains not only CBD but also dozens of other cannabinoids (traces) and other plant substances such as terpenes, lipids, chlorophyll and other leaf pigments etc.

  1. Obtaining purified extract from the primary extract

In two subsequent purification steps forms the golden yellow CBD extract from the primary extract. It is THC-free and is offered at different standardized Cannabidiol concentrations up to the highly concentrated extract with 60 % Cannabidiol.

  1. Preparation of highly purified, crystalline Cannabidiol

Two additional, complex and technically difficult steps are necessary to derive the high-purity, crystalline Cannabidiol from the concentrated extract. The high degree of purity of the substance is controlled spectroscopically/chromatographically in every batch.